QCA Design and Technology

Unit 5A

"Musical Instruments"

In this demonstration composer, ex-Secondary School music teacher, and junk instrument maker Sam Paechter covers all the points in "The Science of Sound" and also shows how to make:

xylophones, drums, pan-pipes, flutes, shakers, rainsticks, shawms, koras, wind chimes, tubular bells, 2 types of drumstick, didgeridoos, bugles, drainpipe percussion and trombones,

all from scrap items, cheap stuff and things you might find lying around the house.

If you're frustrated with your children making non-functioning decorative models and want to get them making real instruments which actually work, this is the demonstration for you!


  • 2 hours 30mins (approx)

Equipment needed:

  • a standard classroom;


  • £125 per class of up to 32.