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The Science of Sound

Exceeds statutory requirements in Science
KS1: 1 hour, £95 per class (minimum booking of two classes)
KS2: 1½ hours £115 per class (up to 32)

Guided by composer, junk instrument maker and ex-secondary school music teacher Sam Paechter, children participate in experiments using springs, fishing line, tuning forks, a ripple tank, some millet, plastic tubing, a wind up gramophone, straws, water, an oscilloscope, a very long stick, a bin bag and a host of unusual instruments.

They investigate:

How is sound is made?

What's the difference between high, low, loud and quiet?

What can sound travel through?

What kinds of materials conduct and amplify sounds and which materials insulate and dampen them?

How are sounds produced, amplified and the pitch altered in various brass, wind, string and percussion instruments?

Every child is involved in at least one experiment.

The Science of Sound & Instrument Making
Exceeds statutory requirements in Science with extension opportunities in Music & DT
KS2: 2½ hours, £145 per class (up to 32)

In addition to everything covered in The Science of Sound, Sam demonstrates how to make a variety of working musical instruments from junk and readily available materials. 

Instruments include xylophones, tubular bells, wind chimes, pan-pipes, rainsticks, bat-phones, drums, shawms, flutes, dulcimers, bugles and trombones.

This session gives you all the information you need to gather materials and make your own musical instruments. .

Alternatively, you can follow up with the new Instrument Making Workshop.

The Science of Sound & Instrument Making with an Instrument Making Workshop
KS2: Full day £295 per class including tools and materials

This workshop comes in two parts:
In the morninng Sam delivers The Science of Sound& Instrument Making. Then, in the afternoon, he runs an Instrument Making Workshop, providinng all the tools and enough materials for each child to make at least one musical instrument from xylophones, pan-pipes, tubular bells, wind-chimes, rainsticks, oboes, flutes, dulcimers and trombones.

What people have said about
The Science of Sound & Instrument Making

A fantastic enrichment opportunity for the children. All concepts were explained in a fun, clear and informative way. We will be booking for next year! I am planning my garden xylophone.
Lisa Parkinson - Y4 Teacher
St Wilfrid’s RC Primary, Manchester

One of the best in-school training events I have every been part of. The children (and teachers) absolutely loved it and were engaged fully in everything Sam taught them. 
I was particularly impressed by the range of resources Sam brought in and it was great that he got ALL children involved. The way he questioned them, giving them time to think before answering, was a rare bonus.
Jo Heap - Y4 teacher, Bradway Primary School, Sheffield

A fantastic way to approach the science of sound. Covers everything you need from the science curriculum in a very fun and interactive way. Highly recommended!
Jacob Ellis-Jones - Y4 teacher, Catcliffe Primary School, Rotherham

The children enjoyed it and the staff had a ball. I really value the work Sam does with the kids - it's very engaging and gives them a deep understanding of the concepts around sound.
Hillary Mather - Y4 & Assistant. Headteacher, St Mary's CE Primary, Cadishead

A wonderful learning experience! Very accessible for KS1 with lots of hands-on activities and appropriate, yet challenging, level of content.
Miss Glass - Y1/F2 teacher, Malton Primary School, N Yorks

As a pupil said; "it’s been epic!”
Sam truly inspired both the children and myself. His clear knowledge and enthusiasm brought challenging concepts to life and made the ordinary special!
Andrew McNeill - Y4 teacher, Appleton Thorn Primary School, Warrington

Working with Sam has been a fantastic opportunity for our children. We have just started our sound topic and couldn't have found a better way to launch it! The children were completely engaged and all had a chance to participate in a range of high quality experiments. The children learnt about tricky scientific concepts within a fun and interactive day which has inspired them now in their science and DT learning!
Neil Badrock, – Y5 teacher, Crossley Fields Primary School, Mirfield

I thoroughly recommend Sam’s excellent Science of Sound workshop which we have booked every year for the last 12 years for our two Year 5 classes. The workshop covers all aspects of sound in a fun and entertaining way. Every child is involved in asking and answering questions and in conducting experiments and a good time is had by all.
Kate Saul - Year 5 teacher Wigton Moor Primary School, Leeds

A double whammy of excellent science and DT teaching! Sam’s demos are innovative and inspirational. The children can’t wait to try out his ideas and inventions and their learning is thoroughly enhanced and enriched.
Jo Ross - Y5 teacher - Burley & Woodhead Primary School, Burley in Wharfedale

It’s fun and learning at the same time. This should be an entitlement for every Year 5/6 pupil.
Phil Robinson - Year 5-6 teacher, Bramham Primary School, Nr Wetherby

Sam has excellent workshop and subject knowledge. He has a great relationship with the children who all enjoyed it, were motivated and keen to join in. Lots of learning taking place by all children. Great!
L. Ridsdale, – Deputy Headteacher, Shadwell Primary School, Leeds

The children thought this was absolutely fantastic! An excellent delivery of both the science and DT curricula.
Rebecca Ingram – Headteacher, Oakwood Primary School, Leeds

Hugely entertaining, scientifically stimulating and excellent value for money - this is a must for all Key Stage 2 classes.
J. Yates - Year 6 teacher, Mill Field Primary School, Leeds

That was fantastic! He explained it just the way we understand it.
Year 5 pupil, Bramham Primary School

The children participated in fantastic experiments which wouldn’t have been possible in school under normal conditions.
D. Richardson - Science Co-ordinator, Farsley Springbank Junior School, Leeds

National Curriculum
Exceeds statutory requirements in Science with extension opportunities in DT and Music