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A unique two-day project for two classes of KS2 or older
Meets skills objectives in ICT, PE, DT, Art & Design and English
Ideal for classes studying movement, this is a heady mix of PE, ICT and good old-fashioned craft workshop in which every child makes a photographic flickbook of their own movement sequence.
Day 1
Children devise and film a short movement sequence. Then, using specially designed software, they turn the film into individual photos in a format suitable for flickbook print.

Day 2
Around two weeks later, to allow for photo processing; they cut, stick and reassemble their photos into unique personalised flickbooks to take home.

National Curriculum KS2 skills
2 Developing ideas & making things happen
3 Exchanging & sharing information
Working with tools, equipment, materials & components to make quality products
Art & Design
1 Exploring & developing ideas
2 Investigating & making art, craft & design
4 Knowledge & understanding
5 Breadth of study
2 Selecting & applying skills, tactics & compositional ideas
3 Evaluating & improving performance
6 Dance activities
8 Gymnastics
10 Athletic activities
En3:1 Composition