National Curriculum KS2 skills
Art & Design
1 Exploring & developing ideas
2 Investigating & making art, craft & design
3 Evaluating & developing
4 Knowledge & understanding
5 Breadth of study
2 Developing ideas & making things happen
3 Exchanging & sharing information
4 Reviewing, modifying & evaluating work as it progresses
2 Working with tools, equipment, materials & components to make quality products
4 Knowledge & understanding of materials & components
En3:2 Planning & Drafting
1 Controlling sounds
2 Creating & developing musical ideas
4d Music used for different purposes
Workshops in stop-frame-animation using modelling clay and other art materials.

Children work in small groups to make their own animated films. As an extension they might devise and record sound effects, dialogue and music.

Children of all ages and abilities find these workshops extremely rewarding and are often fired up to continue making animated films at school and at home.

We provide cameras and a temporary licence for Zu3D software to be installed on school PCs .


The animations below were made by Year 5 children (age 9-10) at St Philip's Catholic Primary and Meadowfield Primary Schools.